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MiniLease is exactly what it sounds like. Mini leasing with quality service in periods of just 28 days at a time, for business and personal use - without the penalties and commitment of normal contract hire and leasing. With over 25 years of experience in the industry we can help you make your next move.


Flexible 28 Day Periods


Affordable Cost

New Vehicles

Only New Vehicles

Insurance Included

Insurance Included

Long Term Car Rental, Short Term Flexibility

Why Minilease?

No long term commitment.tick
No termination penalties if you decide not to extend for another 28 days.tick
Minimal financial outlay.tick
No delivery waiting time.tick
Insurance included to reduce your costs.tick
Breakdown cover is included for peace of mind.tick

Is Minilease For You?

  • Need breathing space when deciding your next move.
  • Do not own a vehicle but you need one on a temporary basis.
  • See flexible leasing as your cheapet option.
  • Looking for a inclusive alternative to buying.
  • A business hiring new, temporary or trial staff.
  • Waiting for a new vehicle on order.
  • Are trying to cope with peaks in your business, typically seasonal.

Terms and Conditions

Normal terms and conditions apply. Make and model can not be guaranteed.

Due to the minilease rate, we would be unable to refund if you return early during a 28 day period. There are no termination penalties on rolling 28 day rentals, however if you have pre-committed to a longer minimal term for a lower rate this may not be refundable if you return early. 28 days is paid upfront at the the time of reservation. Minilease rentals are subjest to 1800 free miles per 28 days with a 18p excess milage charge.