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Happy 1st Birthday (to our blog)

To mark a full year of our blog, lets take a look at the changes in the past year since our blog started and hopefully the changes we can talk about this time next year!


Past Year


This past year has seen our fleet of Hybrid cars increase to its largest size ever. If you remember our first post for this blog we spoke about the popularity growing and we were starting to move all our compact automatics to hybrids, just as we had already done with our medium sizes.

The increase of popularity has continued to grow and it looks like it was the right decision to take. Not only have we moved all our compact automatics to Hybrids, we have also increased the size of our medium group too introducing new makes and models we have not previously had.

As last year, the target is still to try and move all our automatics to Hybrids. Hopefully in the next year we can transfer all our largest automatics to hybrids too, and this will be met with the same popularity and success.

Premium Range

2018 saw us introduce our Premium range for the first time in over 10 years. We started off offering Mercedes A-Class’s before later adding a C-Class to the range and both have been extremely popular. This is especially pleasing as that wasn’t always the case in the past. Online advertising and social media made it a lot easier for us this time around to let all our customers and new customers know we now offer these vehicles.

It means that we will be continuing our Premium range and hopefully add more makes and models in the future.

New Loyalty Scheme

We also revamped our loyalty scheme in the past year, moving away from the ‘Frequent Renter Card’ to our new ‘Loyalty Card’.

It has always been a popular scheme, but the ‘Frequent Renter Card’ wasn’t as rewarding for customers who hired for longer periods than it could have been. We addressed this when we started again with the ‘Loyalty Card’ ensuring that it recognised short and longer term hires this time.

The response has been positive and is as popular as ever.

Going Forward

Improved Online Bookings

Our online booking system is behind with the times. Old, inflexible and not even mobile friendly. It’s something we have been wanting to address for many years. As it stands, bearing a few issues we are virtually there with our software supplier. Having previewed what they have to offer, we can say the improvement his huge and we are looking forward to being able to offer this to our customers.

Until it is complete though, it remains a top target for us to resolve so we hope these issues can be ironed out. We are confident, one way or another, we will have an improvement on this within the next few months.

New Vehicle Types

We are always assessing the market and trying to fill in the gaps. We were one of the first, and still are one of the very few, in the area to offer automatic van hire and hybrid car hire to our fleet over the past few years – both hugely popular.

It goes without saying that this is something we will continue to do throughout the next year. So who knows, this time next year we may have a new vehicle type on our fleet we can show off.


Thank you for reading and for your custom and support during the past year!