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Cambridge University Sports Clubs

The time is approaching again where we welcome new University students to Cambridge and look forward to seeing previous sports athletes from last year.


Cambridge car and van rental have had a close relationship with Cambridge University sports clubs for many years. Our office is close to the city centre and is easy to get to whether you walk, bike or catch a bus.

There are many reasons why sports clubs choose to hire from us. We offer a 15% University discount and free additional drivers so you can share driving to away fixtures which can sometimes be a long drive after a strenuous game. We are one of few rental companies that will hire to 21- 22 year old and for Cambridge University sports clubs we waiver the surcharge for young drivers.

We have a full range of cars, vans and mpvs to make sure you can transport your team easily and comfortably. There are some age restrictions to certain so its best to check on our website or you can call to discuss this.

Our frequent renter card always proves really popular. After 4 hires your team is rewarded with a free day. We have an adapted system where if asked we can hold the frequent renter card at our office allowing various sports members to add their rental to the scheme. We always keep on top of free days and will remind you if any free days are to be redeemed. Please check as we do have some part filled cards from last year.

To make things easier your team can have their own online account with username and password to create your own bookings. Please contact us if this is something you would be interested in.