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Advantages of Short Term Hiring

Did you know, a lot of people hire instead of owning a vehicle? Here is why.


Hiring a vehicle only when you need it can work out much cheaper than buying, running and maintaining a vehicle that you only use sometimes.


New Vehicles

Our vehicles are all under one year old, so when you hire you get to try all the latest makes and models with all the latest technology. Nothing quiet beats that new car smell!


Try Something New

When you buy a vehicle, it is often a long-term commitment and you must stick with the choice you made for some time. Hire short term and you can try out something whenever your hire. Fancy trying out a Hybrid? An SUV? How about from our Premium Range?


A Vehicle That Suits Your Needs

Whilst you may often only need something small to run around town, you may want something larger for that longer trip, perhaps extra luggage space for a holiday or trip to the airport and maybe even a van. With short term hiring you can make sure that you have a vehicle to suit your requirements every time.